About Us

Petite and The Buns was founded in 2013. We are focusing on providing bridesmaid dresses for those beautiful bride-to-be around the world.

We are located in Indonesia and it was created by 3 ladies who always think that every wedding is beautiful and every detail matters.

Petite represents one of our founder who has a petite body and The Buns represent the other 2 founders which they are actually sisters.

We, Petite and The Buns just sincerely want to provide beautiful dresses for beautiful bridesmaids out there and hoping that it would be useful for the bride by having one stop bridesmaid dresses in Petite and the Buns

We always believe that bridesmaids are one of the most important element in the wedding.

It is not about the wedding or the event itself, but it is about the feeling of sharing the happiness, joy, laughter, and tears with your loved ones.

Bridesmaid is bride's bestfriend who will take care and help Bride on their wedding day and she will always be part of Bride and Groom's love story from the beginning.

Bridesmaid is someone that is selfless and always make sure that they can create the best memorable moment for the couple's life on their big day.


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Email : info@petiteandthebuns.com

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